Halo Infinite Multiplayer Surprise Launches Three Weeks Early

halo infinite early release multiplayer

Monday, November 15th marked 20 years since the original Xbox was released, as well as the ever adored franchise, Halo. As part of this celebratory live streamed event, Microsoft surprised fans by releasing the new upcoming Halo Infinite a full 3 weeks ahead of it’s planned released date of December 8th. Although fans will still […]

Nintendo at E3

When it comes to learning what’s coming out – E3 is basically information Christmas.  I could go through every single item that was mentioned during the event but let’s be honest, you won’t read that. You might think you will but at best you’ll get two pages in and you’ll think to yourself “I’m over […]

Game Builder Garage

Ever fancy yourself maybe building games? Perhaps you’ve thought about it but never looked into how to get started? Well Nintendo has you covered with their latest release!

Dungeon Full Dive

Now I don’t talk about DND much on here and I have never talked about anything that is on Kickstarter but this project warranted a mention.

Mario Party Finally Has Online

It’s honestly unbelievable that the game Nintendo pushes hardest as being a group gaming experience to have online play. So much so that I swear I convinced myself multiple times in the past that you could play online only to realize that nope, still not a thing.  Now It Is! whether your friends are on […]

Playstation Play at Home

With all the struggles of Covid and isolation Playstation has said “Hey how about some free games to play to help keep your sanity!” While I can’t be sure if this is some kind of long con to get people more and more interested in Playstation or not, I won’t say no to free games.  […]

Mario Day!!

Mario day 2021

As with a lot of iconic characters in history, Mario has also netted his own day! Mar.10, which looks somewhat like his name, makes an easy day to pick to celebrate the princess recuing hero. Now, more importantly, are the deals that tend to go with Mario day. Also being the 35th anniversary only means […]

Ingress Prime

ingress prime

Mobile games are something that I seem to have a very hard time getting into. I try numerous ones and almost force myself to play them so that I will at least spend less time mindlessly scrolling through facebook. Generally everything I have come across fails to impress me enough to keep my attention for […]

Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 Throwback

roller coaster tycoon throwback

So a review of this game would be kinda absolutely useless based on the age of it. It’s been out forever so instead it lands as a Throwback to all those old games that bring back wonderful childhood memories. Much like Super Mario 64, I recall playing Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 obsessively as a child. […]

Epic Games 15 Days of Free Games!

epic games free games

Epic Games is back with crazy holiday sales and even more impressive is the fact that for 15 days they’ll be giving away a free game every day! With the holidays right around the corner we’re all feeling that pressure on our bank accounts. Get yourself some free games to help pass the time away […]