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Mistplay: The Good, The Bad, The Pocketbook

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I’ve been seeing adds everywhere for Mistplay lately. The idea of getting free money just for playing mobile games is extremely enticing so I just had to look into it and do some testing myself. Ahead you will See what I have found out and whether it is worth your time to play games through Mistplay: The Good, The Bad, The Pocketbook.

The Basics

Before we get into whether or not Mistplay is worth the time, lets understand what it is.

Simply put, Mistplay tracks your phone allowing it to know when you’re playing games that have come through its app, how well you’re doing on those games, and how much time you’ve spent playing. In doing this you earn units to spend towards gift certificates for a variety of places. Everything from Amazon to Tim Hortons, Movies to console store. There is a very wide selection of things to choose from once you’ve earned enough units to get them.

To start earning simply select a game from their large catalog on the games page or search through and find something you’ll be very excited about. From there all you have to do is play!

The Good

There’s a lot that works really well with Mistplay.

First off they are offering free things in exchange for playing games. If you’re someone who plays a lot of mobile games anyway than why not earn something while you play. They even rate the games they offer based on how quickly you game earn units through them. Not every game is the same and they have taken the guesswork out of it completely.

Their selection of games is so large that whatever genre you like to play, you’ll be able to find something. No worries about having to continue with a game that you haven’t enjoyed. Just pick up a new one.

You gain units as you progress through the games so moving on to a new game won’t stop your progress with overall unit collection.

For those of you who make in game purchases, Mistplay will reward you extra. You get gems that can be used to boost unit collection or simply converted into units as well. This helps you earn a little back on every purchase you make in game.

Finally You are able to enter into contests that can earn you a large amount of bonus units. Like any contest though, don’t plan on winning but entering never hurts.

The Bad

There are a couple of things that I’ve been frustrated with while using Mistplay. None of them major so far but worth mentioning.

The app doesn’t always detect you playing. While it is supposed to be able to register you time spent playing game it seems to miss doing that about 15% of the time. This only happens when opening the game directly and is able to be avoided if you’re opening the game through the mistplay app instead. This also only effects the bonuses that require tracking of your actual playtime. Any milestones reached in game that would give you units will update properly at some point down the road.

If you don’t download the game through the app but instead get the same game through another source, mistplay wont track it. Be sure to go through the app first. Even if you are interested in a game from another source at least search through Mistplay to see if they have it as well.

The second thing is unit accumulation. It is very slow. we’ll talk more about that below.

The Pocketbook

While Mistplay does offer free money for playing games. It isn’t the goldmine the commercials suggest. Accumulation of units towards gift cards is better thought of as a background bonus than an actual goal. The amount of time used taken to earn units is extremely high meaning you would be better off picking up a part time, minimum wage, job if you have a goal in mind. If you’re just playing for amusement, it’s still slow.

I’ve played 4.5 hours in a game so far and accumulated 1000 units. That’s just slightly over half the way to a $5 gift card. That means I’m averaging out at $0.50 an hour.

While there are ways of earning more and earning it faster, this is what I was would is average gameplay over a week long period. I’ve been playing “Love and Pies” which is a game that gives you a certain amount of energy to makes moves that progress you. Once the energy is used up you have to wait to earn more. This means I’ve really only been playing in the morning before work, when I get home and again before bed. The playtime hasn’t eaten into my schedule at all and I have technically earned something for time I would have spend on my phone anyway.

Overall Mistplay isn’t a bad app to own. It’s not going to get you anywhere fast. Hell it’s not even worth looking at once you’ve downloaded a game through it. Basically let it run in the background and at some point you’ll be surprised that you’ve earned some money to have fun with.

Earning the most Points

If you’re really looking to earn as much as possible there are a few things that you need to be on top of:

1. Make sure to pick games that have the highest reward rates. Mistplay shows a rating for each game making this step super easy.

2. Pick a variety of games. Playing a mix of idle play games and games that require a lot of investment will give you the maximum benefit for the amount of time that you’re staring at your phone. Burning through the regular check ins for an idle play game and then switching over to something like Tetris that you can continually play will equate to the most benefit as Mistplay only rewards based on actual time using a game, not just the game being open.

3. Play and move on. Keep track of milestones in the games that you are playing. There are some that may not be worth putting the effort into reaching and others that you’ll hit very quickly. At a certain point playing the game will not be worth the investment if you’re focusing on Mistplay Points. It looks like especially after a max of stage 20 on any game that Mistplay is essentially done giving you points to entice you to move to another game.

The majority of your points will come in the very beginning of a game and slow down as you play. If you’re focusing on points keep that in mind to get the quickest benefit from each game.

Find Mistplay on the google store

Games played through Mistplay

Here is a list of games that we’ve played through Mistplay. The list will grow and we play more. Click on any game title that interests you to be taken to the review of the game.

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