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Total Tank Generals Coming to Steam March 30th

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Total Tank Generals is reminiscent of Civilization in its format and battle framework. If you, much like myself, find that one of the most fun parts of the Civ games is fighting than Total Tank Generals has you covered. Retracing the paths of some of the greatest generals in history, You not only get to learn something but also feel like you’re creating change yourself.


Imagine the entertaining war aspects from Civilization take further. Now, not just a little more in depth, but drastically so. All the while without the need to manage your cities and trade routes, ect. ect. Just the fun part of taking down your enemies turn by turn.

Your selection of units is vast and accurate to the WW2 time period of the game. With their own advantages and weaknesses, you’ll have to determine the layout of your own army to move forward. Will you attempt full on frontal attacks or hold ground to create ambushes for the approaching armies. Take them out “face to face” or obliterate them from the skies. The choice is up to you.

History in Total Tank Generals

Follow the paths of three famous Generals from the WW2: George Patton, Georgy Zhukov, and Erwin Rommel. Recreate their famous victories and learn how their efforts altered history forever.

With campaigns across the European West Front, North Africa and, Operation Barbarossa with the Soviet Union. Vital to the outcome that we all know with details that you may have never learned.

Also delve into the units of the time period and learn more about the capabilities of the time. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages whether your focused on land or aerial warfare.


Even with the focus on true history in Total Tank Generals, you’re ability to change and create is massive.

If you’re interest lies in simply following the game they’ve built, you’re units are still open to a vast selection of promotions and customizations. Increasing their health to giving them the ability to dig trenches. Reduced damage to ignoring rivers. The options are open to you to create the army of your choosing.

Looking to move beyond the game itself? Start creating scenarios of your own with the in game editor. Share your creations with others and fight your way through the battlefields in their mind as well. And if that isn’t enough, Total Tank Generals is open and supported to modding yourself. Perhaps a alien invasion more up your alley. Maybe you want to see zombie Nazis charging down on you. Dream Big and Join the fight.

Total Tank Generals leveling selection

Release of Total Tank Generals

You can find Total Tank Generals only available on steam on March 30th 2023. Wishlist it now!

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