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The Beasts of Wild Hearts are Unleashed on Xbox Gamepass

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wild heart arrives on gamepass

Xbox Gamepass just got a vibrant and adrenaline-fueled addition with the release of Wild Hearts. Drawing comparisons to the popular Monster Hunter series, Wild Hearts brings its own flair to the table, appealing to fans of the Capcom series and newcomers alike.

For fans of the Monster Hunter series, Wild Hearts introduces a familiar yet distinct experience. Described as a “Monster Hunter-like”, it seamlessly integrates the essence of Monster Hunter with its own set of unique features. The core elements of giant beast battles, looting, equipment crafting, and a robust progression system are all present, offering a comfortable transition for those well-versed in Capcom’s MH universe. Wild Hearts sets its self apart with a unique building system called Karakuri which will feel familiar to fans of Fortnite. Karakuri allows player to construct devices that will assist in combat as well as traversal throughout the lands of Wild Hearts.

Wild Hearts doesn’t hold back when it comes to epic encounters with colossal creatures. Players will find themselves immersed in intense battles against formidable foes, not at all unlike those found in Monster Hunter. The combat in Wild Hearts is a high-octane dance of precision and reflexes. Drawing inspiration from Monster Hunter’s intense combat scenarios, Wild Hearts delivers a fast-paced experience where every move counts. Mistakes are not just setbacks; they have tangible consequences, adding a level of challenge that will keep you on the edge of your seat. You will need to keep moving, dodging, attacking, and karakuri’ing if you hope to keep your skin, and collect a skin from your kill…

The looting and crafting systems of Wild Hearts feel fresh and refined, allowing you to further enhance your monster-slaying prowess. Inventory management isn’t weighed down with clunky UI which should be welcome news for fans of this genre.

Wild Hearts’ arrival on Xbox Game Pass is a welcome addition for gamers seeking a fresh co-op monster slaying experience. With its Monster Hunter-like elements, fast-paced combat, and striking art style, Wild Hearts has something to offer both fans of the acclaimed series and newcomers alike.

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