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Lotus Lantern: Rescue Mother, released on Steam

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If you’re on the hunt for another game to get into Lotus Lantern might be just what you’re looking for.

Lotus Lantern Trailer

The latest game coming from 663 studios is drenched with Chinese mythology.

This rouge-lite top down style game gives you a ton of variety is how you want to play. Master the style taught to you while learning many others through the game. All in the effort to rescue your mother, a goddess of the celestial court.

You won’t be alone in your fight. Sun Wukong and other powerful immortals will be there by your side to free your mother from imprisonment.

Using their help, and the help of powerful magical items you collect along the way, can you bring your mother her freedom? After all, she’s imprisoned for giving life to you.

Find Lotus Lantern: Rescue Mother on Steam or play the free demo!

Feel free to check out our review of the demo here as well.

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