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King of the Castle Launches March 2 on Steam

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king of the castle

Coming to the market with a very unique gaming experience, King of the Castle provides a way for up to 20 of your friends to help you run your kingdom. All with only one person owning the game.

The person hosting the game will begin as monarch while all other Nobles (players) will be assigned a unique homeland randomly. As the story progresses these nobles will be able to cast their votes on how the kingdom will progress with the result being determined by the monarch.

Will you help out your king? Or will you usurp the throne for yourself?

While the host of the game must be on a PC, the other players just need access to either twitch or a web browser to join in for free. As long as they are able to see the host’s screen, either in person or shared online, they will become nobility.

Create your own character its own name, pronoun, appearance and even family crest.

Wishlist the game now on Steam. Follow it on Facebook, twitter or Discord to keep yourself in the loop as well.

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