Magical Mixture Mill Releases Demo on Steam

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The Magical Mixture Mill

Indie Publisher HOOK is releasing two demos on January 27th on Steam. Both Madshot Road to Madness and Magical Mixture Mill, we’re focusing on the latter.

magical mixture mill character selection

Not every adventurer gets a second chance at greatness. While your adventuring career may have been cut short by a mixture intolerance, you can still reach greatness in another sense.

Working with the local witch Griselda to upgrade her local potion factory. Although you might not be suited for large scale adventures, ingredient hunting is no walk in the park.

You’ll be tasked with gathering new ingredients and creating exciting concoctions while increasing their potency for the witch’s loyal customers. In the meantime you’re also going to have to automate a large portion of her production, creating whatever beneficial production lines you can with your goblin assistant.

Will your shop reach a level of greatness? Or will you fall to the ingredients you’re hunting. The choice is up to you.

You can find The Magical Mixture Mill on Steam for an early Demo on January 27th. Bookmark it now!

Brewing Potions feel right up your alley? Take a look at Potion Tycoon where much more of the focus is in creating your potion empire.

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