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The Parallax Effect Review?

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There is a good reason that I put a question mark in the title of this review. It’s because I don’t know if I have even given this game a fair chance but I am completely over playing it. It may be a good game but I honestly don’t care to put in the effort or time it might take to figure that out. Suffice to say, I hate this one. I didn’t even try it online with other players and still died numerous times.

To Start

First off something that I really appreciate in games is a decent walkthrough in the beginning of, at a minimum, what buttons to use. The Parallax Effect did not have this. On principal I didn’t look that up and after some struggling figured out enough to make sense of how to progress.

You start off with absolutely nothing. Finding a road to follow seems to be the best chance of coming across anything that will help you. Some buildings have a lot of supplies in them giving you a chance to craft some items that will help. You had better hope that there is some food and water you come across as well or you’ll end up dying pretty quick.

After Some Time

I managed to find a safe zone on my third run through. Thinking that this would help me survive. By the time that I found it though I was almost completely out of water. After searching through the whole camp I couldn’t find any way to get water. Not even someone that I could buy it from. Then I started being hunted by a reaper?

I ended up dying from dehydration and warping to my spawn location. Without any items. Still being hunted.
In the end I just had to let the reaper kill me because there is some other bar that slowly goes down while you’re being hunted. I have no idea what that bar means but apparently it doesn’t mean that they stop hunting you. Instead my health started to slowly chip away with me still wondering what is happening.

Continuing to Try

At this point I started to look into the game online. It didn’t take me long to get frustrated there as well. There are so many things that come up when you type in The Parallax Effect and none of them were for the game. I eventually did find some videos of people playing but unfortunately it was all just people testing out the game same as me.

The one thing I will say is that while reading through the guide it seemed like this game was really thought out. The effects of everything that you can do seem really intricate. Even if I never made it far enough to get into them.

honestly I don’t even really want to go back into the game to find better images to use. Sorry. You can find The Parallax Effect on Steam

In the end I personally would not recommend this game.
Time Poorly Wasted.

P.S. if you’re looking for something in the survival realm you might want to take a look into Force of Nature or Unturned

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