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Coin Master Mobile Game Review

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We have no affiliation with Mistplay and receive no extras from them for discussing their products. All reviews and discussion on the topic are our true opinions. Any money received is only due to their business model for playing games and not promotional funding for us to advertise.

With the holidays right around the corner I decided to try and sink some more time into games through the Mistplay app. While you can earn money through the app it is a little slow going unless you learn to work the system a bit. Learn more about how to do that on our page discussing the app itself.
For this grouping of games to gain the most benefit I was playing Coin Master, Family Island, and Solitaire.

Coin Master is a very easy game to get started with. Having very basic mechanics and a well laid out initial walk through it makes it very easy to get going. I don’t recall any point while playing that I questioned how to do anything.

Gaming Style

Depending on what kind of phone gaming you do will make a big difference as to whether you like this game or not. For me personally it works great to kill a few minutes here and there. Getting my spins in while waiting for my coffee to boil, sitting around on my break at work, waiting for the wife to get ready when we’re going out. Anytime that you don’t want to get engrossed into a larger narrative but would like something to do for a minute.

How it Works

There are only a few key parts to playing this game. First and foremost is spinning the wheel! Each spin can earn you coins, attack villages or steal peoples funds. depending on your luck you may walk away with millions rather easily to upgrade your own village. As the game progresses you can also collect more shield to protect your own village from attacks as well.

The second main point of the game is to develop your village and move on to new villages as you complete the one you’re on. The village that your on does not seem to have an effect on your gameplay but is more of an indicator of your progress in the game. You do receive bonuses for completing a village and as far as I could tell when attacking random people it seems to be those who are on a similar village stage as yourself.

Finally the third main component of the game are cards. You collect cards from a variety of different activities throughout the game. Collecting full sets unlocks a plethora of bonuses for you to enjoy. It is very exciting to get a bonus 300 rolls for picking up the final card you needed.

Multiplayer Ability

While you won’t be running around killing zombies with your friends in this type of game. It does still have to ability to play with/against people you know.

Connecting to Facebook would be the easiest way to link with the people you know for this game. In doing so you actually get a bonus every time someone new signs up as well. You are also able to send out links to people and have them sign up that way to play.

Once connected friends you can start attacking their towns! Regardless of if you’re attacking a friend or stranger, you’re going to receive a benefit from making the attack. Being able to steal your friends fortune adds a whole extra layer to the fun of filling up your bank account! Surprising to even myself was how often I would hear people in the office getting upset with one another for stealing fortunes or attacking towns after having introduced them to Coin Master.

For Mistplay-ers

Here’s one of those games that will get you a lot of points through the Mistplay app initially at a rather quick rate compared to how much time you have to put into it. As long as you don’t get too engrossed into the game that is.

While there can be a lot to do in Coin Master, its can fly by if you do it right. Set multipliers to min for your rolls and just keep an eye on it while it spins. While there are some bonuses for completing tasks in some games on Mistplay it is not worth focusing on. The real benefits come from the amount of time that you spend playing. You are also almost guaranteed to hit those goals regardless. As you progress through this game on Mistplay you’ll find it takes longer and longer to reach those point markers. That is when you want to consider moving to another game.

Don’t worry about the cards factor of the game. If you get them it will get you advanced through the game more quickly but isn’t worth focusing on if you’re just trying to build points in Mistplay.


Overall I found that this game was a nice way to spend a few minutes here and there. It especially was so once I was playing against people that I knew! In all honesty if I was playing on a much more casual basis and just needed something minor to kill some time now and again I would be keeping Coin Master on my phone for a long time.


If you’re interested in more games from Mistplay or would like to learn more about the app itself you can find out more here. At the bottom of the page you will find a list of games that we have played through the app and reviews on them as well.

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