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Warframe Melee 3.0 Update

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warframe melee 3.0 update

I love this game. It’s inventive, evolving and most of all completely free. Somehow they manage to constantly be updating and creating new content none the less. This is why we’re here today.

Warframe has reinvented their melee combat. Some moves and combos have been altered with varying reception from players. There is one major change that only makes sense, You no longer have to holster your gun and retrieve your melee weapon before being in full melee combat (combos can be used).  Now simply tapping the former “quick melee” button brings your melee into the forefront keeping it there until you fire your gun which switches you back. Creating fluid transitions between weapons, even while in the air, this is the sign of a true ninja.


Warframe |

The simplicity of the new melee swapping combat could have complicated combo completion but digital extremes has taken care of that. You’ll be able to make a few attacks, shoot someone or block a few bullets if, needed, and go right back into melee without breaking your combo. Finally you’ll be able to make the appropriate battle decision without worrying about losing your combo streak to do so.

This update also brings up an improvement with ground slams in the form of “aiming”. I know, weird concept Right? Being able to aim your attacks. The reality is I had accepted it originally without even thinking about it and now I wonder how I just passed that over! There are questions as to whether starting height, distance from enemy and weapon type used will have greater impacts in the future. Being able to aim is good enough for now.

Finally the last thing I want to touch on is that while having your melee weapon equipped your Tenno automatically blocks bullets from sources your “aimed at”. In other words if your receptacle is targeting an enemy that is firing at you while your melee weapon is equipped you don’t have to hold down a button to block anymore.

All in all these updates are adding a different play style that is a lot more fluid and fun to play. It takes some getting used to but I believe you’ll enjoy the changes. I’m look forward to the next part of the update.

Rising Tide Update

What is the Warframe: Rising Tide update?

This expansion is a multi-quest effort to build a drydock and assemble a war-ship called the Railjack. Missions include resource gathering, blueprint hunt and salvage recover! In future expansions, players will actually pilot ships and engage in space battles, in what is to be the Empyrean update!

Rising Tide release date: November 22 – Available now on Console and PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One!

Rising Tide is a completely free to play expansion, you can play today!

The Empyrean Update

Warframe Empyrean Update Trailer | PlayWarframe Youtube 

Update: Now available on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch!!

Warframe has taken to space, as you and your friends can now pilot the Railjacks you built in the Rising Tide expansion! Work as a team to pilot the ship, put out fires and man the turrets against enemy ships. Solo play is also possible but slightly limited, with more options coming in 2020.

Warframe Empyrean Release date: Available now!

Happy gaming.

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