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Indie Spotlight – ISLANDERS

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islanders indie game

Just released yesterday, April 4, comes a new minimalist strategy game from GrizzlyGames that is so perfectly tiny, you probably never noticed it!

“Islanders is almost the perfect building game” – Kotaku

Islanders is a unique minimalist style strategy game focused on building cities around tiny islands. There are an infinite number of dynamic lands to explore and settle in, all while taking in the relaxed atmosphere around you. 

Islanders was inspired by real time simulation titles such as Sim City and The Settlers, and although not as complex, it really nails the experience of intuitive settlement building right on the head!

Islanders indie steam gameplay trailer review

How about the Gameplay?

The premise is simple, start with an inventory of buildings that you can place strategically on your island. Earn points by placing your buildings successfully in the right locations. Unlock more building types, reload your inventory, and keep sprawling! Eventually you will become wide spread enough to leap to a new island, at which point you will rinse and repeat until you run out of buildings and set your high score.

Islanders indie steam gameplay trailer review

This game offers you:

  • Intuitive and rewarding city building gameplay
  • Endless amount of procedurally generated islands
  • A relaxing atmosphere
  • Beautiful, vibrant colors
  • Great for playing every now and then, discovering some new islands and beating your high score

This game doesn’t have:

  • Helicopters
  • Guns
  • Lootboxes
  • A cinematic story
  • Huge explosions (not even small ones actually)
  • Online multiplayer
  • Microtransactions
  • Orcs

Our conclusion?

Grizzy Games said themselves, “This is not a blockbuster experience with hours and hours of content” but what this game does offer is a unique experience that can both be challenging and relaxing, and for just the price of a few dollars, we feel its definitely a winner!

You can grab ISLANDERS on Steam for 10% off until April 11!

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