Once upon a time, in a sequel far far away..

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kingdom hearts 3 is here

KH3 has made a long awaited splash…

Any KH fans who played the hand-held titles, were fortunate enough to be waiting only 7 years since the last chapter. Us console gamers though, have been waiting since 2005 for this drop.

Needless to say we had no chance but to abandon all hope and faith that this game would ever come to fruition. Fast forward to January 29, 2019 (almost 15 years since the last console title) and we finally have a full-fledged, fully realized, and fully matured console title! A series finale, an epic sendoff to the franchise that so many of us hold dear in our hearts. 

It’s hard to put into words the nostalgic power this game holds. Merging together the worlds of Disney, Final Fantasy, The World ends With You, Pixar Studios and the original storyline of Sora and the Keyblade Masters. 

I could go on, but IGN did a great 6 minute review!

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