PlayStation Now?

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PS Now

There are a lot of games out there. Like a crazy amount really. So many in fact that it would be impossible to play them all even if you did have the cash needed to buy each one as it comes out. Luckily for you Playstation Now helps to solve the financial side of the issue!

For those of you who don’t know what Playstation Now is you’re about to have your mind blown (and your wallet rescued)!

Playstation now is an online video game streaming platform brought to you by (you guessed it) Playstation! With games from PS2, PS3 and PS4 on the platform you can go back and play through games that you’ve always wanted to try all at the low low price of $12.99 a month. You have unlimited access to the games on the service as well as the ability to switch between console and PC anytime, and continue playing right where you left off. To top it off, the service even offers a discount if you’re willing to commit. Almost half the price if you sign up for a full year!

The service doesn’t have everything especially not games that are recently released. However, with the backlog of games you’ll have no issue entertaining yourself for the time being. Getting through one game will be enough to basically break even on the cost of a yearly membership but loading the program will be all it takes to convince you. Check it out for yourself at

 Playstation Now Trailer


Playstation Now is an online streaming service bringing you a crazy amount of games that you can play for a small monthly (or even smaller if paid yearly) fee. Able to be played on Playstation 4 and PC, this cloud gaming service will save your wallet. 

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