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Minecraft | A Better Sorting System

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A better sorting system for minecraft

Over the many years of playing Minecraft there has always been one thing that is extremely frustrating – Item management. 

If you’ve ever played the game you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Chests stacked on top of chests filled to the brim with random items. You end up on this ridiculous hunt through all of your chests trying to find that “extra stack of iron I know I have..”

Even if you’re the type to separate everything into its assigned chests every time you get back to your item storage area, it can still be frustrating! Running from chest to chest to drop off 6 dirt here, 9 diorite here, 37 cobble stone in the chest over there and so on. Props to you for going through the effort but I find it far too annoying to deal with.. 


Once I progress far enough into the game I generally build an item sorting unit. I do have to go back to the same video every time it seems because it may not be complicated but if it’s not set up correctly its useless. I’ve posted the video below that I usually reference for my build. I have changed some things myself to make it work better for me but I’ll go into that after the video. Watch “Item Sorting System” by Skippy 6 Gaming – Then head back here!

Did you watch it?

Kinda makes sense right? Isn’t it exciting to think that you can stop spending your time constantly sorting!!? The build he creates is fairly easy to follow but there are a couple things that I changed up in mine to make it work better (In my opinion).

First thing I changed was how many Blocker blocks are being used. By putting one in 4 of the 5 it stops the hopper from being able to fill up with anything but your selected item but it takes about 41 of your selected item to stack up before it feeds through. If it’s cobblestone that won’t phase you at all but if you’re feeding diamond through the system you won’t want to lose 41 of them to make the system work. Instead I found that 4 stacks of 10 Blocker cubes in a hopper (plus your item of choice) means that your item stack only needs to be about 5 instead of 41. I didn’t set it up to only use 1 just in case something goes wrong it’ll have a little variance and not remove the blocks needed to keep it running properly. 

Chests stacked to feed into each other

Secondly I wanted the system to be able to hold massive quantities without me ever having to shift things around. This really doesn’t change the original system at all aside from just building onto it. The picture above shows how I stacked everything so that the chests are being fed from other chests constantly refilling anything that is taken out. 

Put all that together with a nice wall to hide everything behind and you’re left with a really good looking storage room! 


Item sorting and management is an extremely tedious and frustrating part of any game. Building an item sorting system in Minecraft like in the video above will save you time and effort in the long run. 

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