Animal Crossing’s Latest Trailer – Island Getaway Package

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animal crossing new horizons

Tom Nook has presented us with yet another attempt to talk us into his island getaway package! Watch below and get a glimpse of what he’s offering!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Mark this day in your calendars folks, one month from today (March 20) Animal Crossing New Horizons will finally be released! Details on gameplay and new features include;

  • Design your very own island by customizing your own home, character and landscape
  • A brand new and expanded crafting system with which you can create tools, objects, furniture and more!
  • Hang out with fun NPC’s and enjoy an array of unique activities including; Fishing, Decorating, and of course, Gardening!

New Horizons will be released for the Switch and will support all 3 play modes (Tabletop, TV and Handheld mode). There will also be Online Play and a Smartphone companion app, but there are limited details available on that thus far.

You will also be able to play Animal Crossing with up to 8 friends! 

Will you be joining Tom Nook in his newest business venture; The Deserted Island Getaway Package?

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