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Borderlands 3 | Big Guns and Tiny text

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borderlands 3 review

I got a bunch of new games over the holiday season so here we go with a bunch of Quick Blips!!! This Quick Blip is for Borderlands 3, I decided to play as the Beast Master.

 Borderlands 3 Trailer

Simple Skill Trees and a Nimble Narrative

Borderlands 3 is the fourth main game in the series (fifth if you count the Borderlands Telltale game). Having learnt from the previous iterations of the series, Borderlands 3 has a lot of things that it excels in. Being able to mark inventory that you dislike as junk makes selling things extremely easy and stops you from wasting time double checking items that you’ve looked at before.

The story line is very easy to follow with CL4P-TP (claptrap) leading you through the beginning and helping you understand the controls a little easier. As always with claptrap there’s a lot of humor involved, mainly by those who are attempting to destroy him..

The skill tree is extremely easy to navigate and can be reset and re-spec continuously allowing you to adjust your playing style as you go. There’s a lot of new things for every character meaning that there’s a lot of reading to get through. This leads to one of the major issues with the game so far. Watch Borderlands 3 Skill Tree Breakdown IGN

Tiny Text and Lying Loot

The text on the console versions of the game is extremely difficult to read. Like crazy difficult. Like I either have to move really close to the T.V. or just bypass any reading that I would do meaning that I likely have sold a good weapon because I couldn’t properly read its benefits.This has been an issue from the time of release and they have announced that they are working on a patch for the problem but it has yet to happen. 

Another thing that I am finding to be a real pain is looting. When there is loot and ammo on the ground it can be very difficult to distinguish between the two. Both emit a light beam but the loot does register an image when you’re scrolling over it. I don’t recall off-hand if the previous games handled this differently but I don’t remember being quite so annoyed by it. I mean when there’s a gun laying on the ground it’s pretty easy to tell, but if it’s a shield or grenade mod, it can blend in with the ammo drops very easily. 

Lastly, something that the game boasted during its trailers is something that I don’t particularly enjoy, the crazy amount of guns. I might be an outlier on this one but with the insane number of weapons available, I find myself spending a lot of time comparing items rather than playing the game. This may not be such an annoyance if the text wasn’t an issue but combined I do just bypass a lot of weapons without looking at them if the ones that I am using at the time suit me. 

All in all..

All in all I think this latest Borderlands is another win so far! With its enticing storyline and quirky game play it’s been a lot of fun! A full review will be on the way once completed.

“My ass…. It’s full of stars!”


Borderlands 3 offers a lot of great gameplay with a few frustrating issues. A wonderful storyline and lots of options for play style with the most major downfall being that the text is so small it can be difficult to read. With a patch to solve the text in the works I would highly recommend this game. 

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