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Animal Crossing | Day Two

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animal crossing day 2 guide

Welcome back for another wonderful day on your island getaway.

With the in-game time keeping pace with real world time; you’ll want to max everything out each day, giving you more things to do the next day! Presuming you were able to accomplish everything to the max on your first day, here’s a list of things your second day could entail!

First things first, you’ll see your little tent has disappeared and instead you’re now left with a wonderful little house! It may have cost you a ridiculous number of Bells but remember… You don’t have another option. 

Wearing a mask

You’ll also find that the museum director tent has been constructed! Inside you’ll find your little owl buddy seemingly doing nothing to explore the new area he is “so excited to discover”. Instead you’ll have to be his arms and legs, bringing him all the insects, fish and fossils that he has yet to see. You’ll have hopefully kept each unique one from your previous day allowing you to boost past this task. Once you reach his cap for the day he’ll tell you that he can’t accept anymore until the next morning when the museum is built! This is just one of many tasks that you’ll want to complete in one day so that you can avoid the biggest annoyance this game provides, real time. 

Another thing that you’ll be able to start using on the second day is the Shovel! Digging up clams and electronic parts (if you have a washed up friend on the beach) will kill some time. With the shovel you’ll be able to start planting saplings of the fruit that you’ve got. On top of that, if you eat a piece of fruit first, you’ll be able to dig up entire trees! You’ll also be able to dig up fossils and hide things in the ground.


You’ll find Bells in that location but more importantly you’ll be able to plant a MONEY TREE. Yep you heard me, a MONEY TREE. Plant some bells into the ground in that spot and once it fruits you’ll be able to harvest it for a profit! It works by essentially tripling what you put into the ground. So if you burry 1000 Bells there will be 3 bags of 1000 Bells each on the tree. This can be used up to a max of 30,000 (by burying 10,000). 

Another thing that you’ll want to work towards is opening up the new shop! Talking with Timmy inside Tom Nooks tent will give you the ability to upgrade the shop by providing him with supplies. Its a pain but if you can get everything together on day 2 that means you’ll get to see the new shop and new supplies on day 3!

Growing some coconuts!

In your hunt for supplies you’ll likely need to access the new areas of the island. Don’t you fret! With your handy dandy pole vault you’ll be able to launch yourself to all the new areas without a worry! (Honestly Tom, was this the best option?). Although You’ll still be restricted to the “ground floor” there is a lot more land for you to explore. Based on the map you selected you’ll have some interesting things to inspect, like possibly a new pond! As for the raised areas, don’t worry, you’ll get there with the help of a ladder down the road.

Travelling to new places is also something that you can now do! Your first excursion is covered thanks to Tom but future ones will cost you 2000 Nook miles. Each time you go to an island you have the opportunity to invite a new person to join your island. Once you’ve invited three people to your island you’ll be able to build them plots and that’s what’ll get you that ladder! You’ll also be able to scrounge for the materials that you need and possible some new stuff that your island doesn’t have.

Remember this game is all about sitting back and relaxing for a change. It’s not intended to be the fast pace that most games are and has actually put some restrictions in place stopping you from forcing that result. Enjoy the island getaway experience!

P.S. If you can, pay off your loan to Tom on day two, it’ll open up the possibility of a second loan once you do.

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