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Animal Crossing Day 3+ advice

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animal crossing day 3 and beyond

You’ve made it to day three with everything completed leading up to it! If not don’t worry, it’s a pain how much longer it will take but you’ll get there! Remember Animal Crossing is designed specifically not to be a race. 

First things first! If you’ve finished the store on day 2 it’ll be open today! Go check out Nooks Cranny for some fun finds!

You’ll also want to spend a good chunk of the day harvesting resources. This’ll be a daily task, especially in the beginning but it should save you a lot of frustration in the long run. 

Day 4

The museum will finally be open today (if you’ve stayed on top of everything, kudos). Get all those artifacts checked out that you’ve been holding onto, donate what you can and get some Bells for everything left over! Unless you want to build yourself some skeletons in your house (I would).  

At this point you’ll also be able to pick the housing plots for three new people assuming you’ve invited three people already. In a lot of ways it’s easier having everyone close together but it’s your island, design it the way you like best. You’ll also be expected to build furniture for these residents before they can move in. As always it’s best if you can get this all done in one day to speed up your play through. 

Lastly you’ll get to select a location to build a bridge! Think carefully now as although the first bridge is free, the rest will cost you a fair bit and won’t be unlocked until later in game. 

Day 5+

There’s going to be a lot of free time moving forward from here. New residents moving and and your bridge becoming available for use being some major events but mainly a lot of resource hunting. Either from your own island of from other islands you visit but try and build up that stockpile as much as you can. 

The resident Services tent will become a real building unlocking more things for you to be able to do/build, for a charge of course. 

Remember to keep up your Nook Miles Streak by using the ABD everyday. If you’re going to be logging in anyway might as well get the most of it!

Have fun building your island! 

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