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Animal Crossing: New Horizons | First Impressions

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animal crossing first impressions

Some of us have been waiting a long time for this game and it’s finally here!

A warning to anyone who has ever played Animal Crossing (or similar games) this one has a slow start that you’ll just have to work your way through. It’s game mechanic training is part of the story so it’s not something that you can just skip through unfortunately. 

Update: Try to give enough items to Tom Nook on your first day in order to unlock the museum. It will take a day for that to happen after you have picked the location and the game follows real time!

There’s the customary “Design your character” scene in the beginning which, thanks to the limited options, should be fairly quick. 

Next is picking your Hemisphere. We actually debated on this one a little. If you pick the Northern Hemisphere your spring starts in March, June is Summer, September is Fall and December is Winter. The Southern Hemisphere is the reverse. We ended up deciding to play in our actual hemisphere.

The first frustration we came across was being on the island and trying to place our tent. Placement of items is done in a really awkward fashion basically placing the item as soon as you select it from your inventory. You have to figure out exactly how to face your character to drop the item where you want it. It’s a lot of trial and error before we started getting the hang of it. Especially since the camera angle is fairly static, you can only alter the height a little, not the direction that it’s coming from. 

Once you get through the starting stuff and can finally pick up items you’ll celebrate with the rest of the islands inhabitants. You’ll also decide on a name for the island before hitting the hay for the night. Learning more features of the game, like the Nook Phone, in the morning and learning about paying back Nook for everything you’ve gotten on the island plus travel. 

Once you’ve finished paying Tom back in Nook Miles you’ll unlock a lot more options and possibilities. First off, if you’ve surrounded your tent with fish tanks of all the cool fish you wanted to keep, you might want to look into building yourself a custom house! 

Now with a reason to work and earn money (Nook Miles and Bells) and slowly being introduced to more mechanics of the game Run! Explore! And Enjoy your deserted Island Getaway!

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