Next Gen Consoles Delayed?

Next Gen Consoles Delayed

With everything going on in the world out there I had a thought pop up in my head that I couldn’t stop thinking about. What’s going to happen with the expected release of new consoles that was anticipated for the holiday season this year? With Foxconn having assembled their consoles in the past, and only […]

Animal Crossing: New Horizons | Selling and Floating Gifts

Animal Crossing New Horizons Selling and Floating Gifts

What’s red and white attached to a yellow balloon? Frustration that’s what. Playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons and seeing a nicely wrapped present floating through the air that you just can’t reach is extremely frustrating. Quick answer to the issue? A Slingshot!! You can purchase the plans for a slingshot from Timmy (Inside Tom Nook’s […]

Animal Crossing Day 3+ advice

animal crossing day 3 and beyond

You’ve made it to day three with everything completed leading up to it! If not don’t worry, it’s a pain how much longer it will take but you’ll get there! Remember Animal Crossing is designed specifically not to be a race.  First things first! If you’ve finished the store on day 2 it’ll be open […]