The Falconeer Free VR Update!

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the falconeer new vr update

Free is a funny thing. Mainly because of how rare free truly can be but Wired Productions and Tomas Sala making it happen. On top of that they have even allowed the game to be discounted 60% on Steam for those who don’t already own it. You can even upgrade your purchase to the “Warrior Bundle” (Now 67% off) getting you way more for less than the price that they full game would normally be.

Take to the skies on a war bird to defend you lands. Will you protect the innocent or become a pirate yourself? With the latest update you’ll be able to take the pirate path without it meaning your eventual death. Now with a pirate city you can visit as well as ways to work back into main society, going bad doesn’t mean you’re gone for good.

The Falconeer update trailer

Explore the, now expanded, lands of Ursee feeling fully immersed in its spectacular views. You and your warbird can engage in aerial dogfights or just take in the scenery. Either way you’ll find a whole new world to fall in love with.

Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles

If the cities is something that really interested you, you can now build them as well. In Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles, a stand alone game, you can build the cities you’ve seen in the main story. With endless attacks, can you build a city to withstand the ferocity of the world.

Interested in learning more about these games? Check out, their twitter or the official Discord.

Happy Flying.

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