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Inkulinati. A medieval Turn-based strategy game.

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Co-Founder of Time Wasters. Favourites are Couch co-ops, games that can be made into drinking games, and anything open world. Grew up on Nintendo but I have been putting considerable time into the Playstation 4. Nintendo will always have my heart.

After the busy rush of the holidays it’ll be nice getting back to a period with a little more time to waste. Yaza games and Daedalic Entertainment have lined up their early access of this game perfectly for when you’re sitting around the house trying to recover from the financial upset of the holidays.

Pulling inspiration from old medieval texts, Inkulinati really feels like those pages have come to life.

Inspiration for the Donkey Bard

Inkluniati is a challenging game of tactics and foresight. Even with legendary characters like Dante and Hildegard to bolster your team, it still comes down to your planning with the little guys to pull off victory over your enemy ink. Work your way through the games many twists and turns in the single player campaign mode. If you’re feeling like you’ve mastered the art, take on others locally in the hot-seat mode.

Regardless of your cunning style, or bullheadedness, these intricate maps and duels have been designed to give you the opportunity to flourish. Your character will develop under your guidance. Learn new techniques to draw increased might into your armies.

Inkulinati trailer

Inkulinati – Where the quill is mightier than the sword.

Interested in learning more? Check out the Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and at

Jump into an early demo of the game now! Available on Steam, Xbox, Gamepass, and Nintendo switch

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