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Ender Pearl Grenades

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Minecraft Try This Ender Pearl Grenades Mod

Minecraft has been around for a long time and one of the amazing things about the community that’s grown with it, is the mods and data packs they create. Community modder jpdude98 has created one that I know you’ll get a real kick out of, even if you’re just watching the video of how it works!

For those who may not be aware, when Ender Pearls are thrown, they cause the player to teleport to the location the pearl lands. jpdude98 has altered the use of pearls to something that I think is way way more entertaining. I could explain it but his video will do a much better job of that. 

 Ender Pearl Grenade

Such a unique addition to the game can’t help but get you excited. Being able to warp chunks of terrain to random locations makes terraforming a much different task. You’re bound to cause some crazy situations with it. 

jpdude98 also created an infinity bucket in the video below that allows you to drain entire bodies of water in one click! It looks like magic, allowing you to evaporate rivers, lakes and (with the right computer) maybe even drain oceans!

Infinity Buckets

Find out how to download these data packs and others for free at!

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