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Death Stranding | Fighting BTs

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death stranding bt guide

If you’ve just started playing Death Stranding, or you’ve managed to avoid the Beached Things (BTs) this far purely out of fear, you don’t need to worry anymore. 

As long as you’re prepared you can take out BTs pretty easily and harvest the cyrillian that they leave behind. It’s a pretty valuable resource so having an easy way to harvest it is kind of essential.

Clearing out the main BT in an area also gives you some time without having any BT’s around, and no rain to destroy your supplies! There’s a lot of benefits to confronting the terrifying black gooey masses so it really is worth your time to take them out. You generally don’t even require that many supplies, as long as you have a decent throw. 

The minimum I would suggest bringing with you while going out hunting BTs is:

  • A full pouch of blood bags (4)
  • Two full cases of Hematic Grenades (3-4 makes me feel safer though)

With these on hand you should be able to take down your enemies. Watch the video below to see it in action. 

Understanding EX Grenades

These grenades do have their purpose but can seem like a waste of your limited space. Understanding what each type does will help you decide whether they are beneficial to your style of gameplay. 

First things first just a quick run through of how to obtain these in the first place for anyone who is unsure. EX grenades are “created” using Sams bodily fluids/waste. There are three ways to obtain them when in your private room, each pertaining to a different type. 

Showering creates EX Grenade No. 0, Somewhat annoy any BT floating nearby cuasing them to walk away slightly. 

Urination creates EX Grenade No.1, Much the same as No.0 except with much greater effect causing them to temporarily walk a great distance away.

Defication (Poop) creates EX Grenade No.2, Appears to attract the BTs to the location the grenade is used. May be good for setting traps of some sort. 

EX Grenades can also be used to remove the coating of of black tar on the larger creatures as well. This allows you to cause more damage until the coating returns. 

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