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What the Golf

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what the golf review

I don’t know about you but I spent a fair bit of time when I was younger playing mini golf tour games on the computer. Some were great simple straightforward courses that could be replicated in the real world. Some crafted crazy courses that hardly made any sense but were insanely fun to play. Trying to find the best and most obscure way to get through a level was half the fun. What the Golf seems to have accepted this and built an entire game around that concept. 

I gotta say that I was extremely excited with the concept of this game as I was looking into it before I actually got around to buying it. Maybe I looked into it too much and ruined a lot of the surprises for myself before I even started playing Whatever happened it turned out to be a little bit of a let down. Not an overall loss but some aspects of the game were definitely lacking for me. 

To be clear this kind of game is something that I would normally get into so this isn’t just a matter of it being a play style that I don’t enjoy. 

The game started off great with a couple holes of regular old fashioned mini golf. Then the first hole with a twist my character, not the ball, went flying instead. The proceeding holes for a few chuckles from me but generally I found them to be repetitive and lost their charm fairly quickly. 

As I progressed further into the game it was much of the same. New twists that were entertaining shortly then just felt overused. Especially as each course has 3 challenges for the player to complete the completionist in me felt the need to complete all three challenges of each course. 

One thing that I will say is that the game is not a total loss. Moving into the multiplayer mode the same game suddenly becomes a lot of fun! Although the number of strokes aren’t counted and it’s simply first to the hole it’s extremely entertaining making that race to the end. For each hole you win you’re building up your “lives” for the battle at the end. Being able to interact with the other player does make the whole thing a battle. Close race to the hole? Try and knock them off instead. 

After having out the hours into the game I will say it is worth it for the multiplayer aspect of the game. The main play through is alright in terms of burning some time but I wouldn’t base my purchase on that. If you find it on sale definitely grab it. 


What the Golf is an interesting remake of the classic Mini golf games. With its unique challenges it offers a new way to play that all ends up feeling somewhat repetitive. The multiplayer aspect of the game is fantastically fun and worth paying the game for. 

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