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Valheim: Finding Haldor the Trader

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There’s one element of Valheim that can be extremely frustrating – finding Haldor the Trader.

While finding him is not essential to the game it is a great boost to what you can do. The items he offers can make your gameplay a lot more enjoyable as well as giving you a reason for some of the items that have seemed useless so far. 

First things first is that if you’re interested in finding him on your current map and not cheating to get access to him (more on that later) you need to explore the Black Forest. It’s a massive area to explore with no promise that he’ll even be in the Black Forest you’re exploring but the only thing that makes it any easier is the mini map icon for him. When you enter within a 2KM radius of Haldor his icon will show up on the mini map. Just run to the icon and you’ll be able to start trading. Remember to bring the supplies you need to make yourself a portal if you are trying to find him. Warping back and forth to their location will make your life a lot easier in the long run.While his inventory may seem lackluster at the moment it is expected to evolve as the game develops. That being said, there are some items he carries that are basically going to feel like essential items once you start playing with them.

The first item is the Megingjord. This WWE looking belt is a little pricy at 950 gold coins but is more than worth it. The belt upgrades your carrying capacity by 150 while wearing it which is a full increase of 50% of your original carrying capacity. It’s game changing and hard to imagine playing without it now.

The other item that feels fairly essential is the fishing rod. It’s not the fastest way to get an edible item but it does add another meat to your list of food. You’ll also need to buy bait from him so be aware of that. There are tricks to getting fish other ways but they all have seemed glitchy and gimmicky not giving me a lot of confidence that they will work long term.

valheim fishing

If searching the map endlessly is not something you’re interested in doing you can always start up a new map using the same character and find him there. By inputting the seed  42069lolxd  you simply have to run south for a while and you’ll stumble across his icon. At that point, unless you’re planning on playing on this map, all you have to do is log out when you’re done. Each time you log back into this map you’ll be at his camp with the ability to trade, assuming you’ve put all the gold coins into your inventory from your other game. 

route to haldor

Along with all the items you can buy there are also a few items that you can sell. These items have no other purpose in the game so far so you can sell them without fear of needing them in the future. 

To Purchase
Megingjord950Expands carrying capacity by 150
Fishing Rod350For catching fish
Fishing Bait (x50)10needed for fishing
Dverger Circlet620Helmet with light source
Ymir Flesh120Very rare crafting material
Yule Hat100Gnome style helmet (santa hat)
To Sell
ItemPricePrice per stack
Amber Pearl10500
Silver Necklace30600

Couple of other interesting things to know about Haldor the Trader:

Haldor is surrounded by stones that create a magical barrier meaning that no harm can come to him, or you, while in that area. On top of that once he has been found there is no need to be concerned about him leaving the area. He may look like a traveling trader but he is a permanent fixture on the map once found.

I hope this help you work your way into Valhalla friends!

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