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ReGifting – Breaking the Stigma

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Recently I’ve been navigating two things that should naturally go hand in hand, but because of useless negative stigmas, they are divorced entirely. Those things are Christmas, and Regifting Videogames.

Now this is something most of the gaming industry likely wouldn’t want people to get into the habit of and therefore wouldn’t be stoked that someone is writing about it but I think it’s a stigma we need to get past. 

With Christmas coming up soon a lot of people are busy looking for the perfect present to give to friends or family that they will enjoy. For people who are planning on gifting a videogame – they may find themselves with a bit of a dilemma. You can give a brand new game that the person wants, or you at least think they’ll enjoy, and just hope that it turns our to be good. Or you can buy them a brand new copy of a game that you’ve enjoyed knowing that they will as well. 

So with the second option often being the best way to ensure that they will get a game they love why is it so bad to give them a used copy? You’ve played it, you’ve loved it and you’ll likely never pick up the game again so why is it considered bad or rude to regift the copy you’ve been using?

Benefits of Regifting

  • Everyone owns a game that they aren’t playing anymore, which someone they know would love to have
  • Better for the environment, every game regifted is one less purchased and one less eventually in the landfill
  • You can give someone a game you’ve actually played and loved
  • It doesn’t cost anything, and we could all use a financial break in these tough times

Death Stranding is a game that I can for sure see myself regifting. I loved the game but I can’t really imagine myself completing a second playthrough. The trade-in value isn’t very high anymore but both of my siblings would really enjoy the game so instead of dropping $80 on a new one I could give them my copy and a few other small things for the same overall cost (counting the lost trade in value as a cost). 

This negative regifting stigma is something that we need to get over. It’s not cheap or rude at all to get old copies of games. Whether the person gifting is giving you their copy or a used copy that they found at a store – as long as the game works there is really no difference between used and new. It’s a stigma we shouldn’t have especially with the crazy year that’s been happening. A lot of people have lost their jobs or are trying to get by on a reduced income. So if you can tell that you’re being gifted a used game please just be grateful that they got you anything at all. If you’re the one gifting please head to the used games first before dropping a bunch of money on something completely new. Let’s get past this stigma together.

Has this article convinced you to search your game library for a gem that you won’t play again, but that someone else would love? 

Do you agree that we should abandon the negative stigma of regifting and embrace used games? 

Let us know in the comments below!

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