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Mario Party Finally Has Online

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It’s honestly unbelievable that the game Nintendo pushes hardest as being a group gaming experience to have online play. So much so that I swear I convinced myself multiple times in the past that you could play online only to realize that nope, still not a thing. 

Now It Is!

whether your friends are on the couch sitting beside you or halfway around the world you’ll now be able to run the maps and best each other at games! For those of you who decided to move away so you could stop losing to everyone, I guess you’ll have to come up with some other reason you can’t play now.

 Mario Party Online Update | Nintendo,

There are a few options on how you can play online but once you decide what mode to play it’s rather easy to set up. 

The three modes are:

  • Mario Party (regulary free-for-alll style board)
  • partner party (2v2 board)
  • free play (face off with mini games)

Now once you’ve decided on which option works for you its super simple to set up. Remember though, Nintendo Online is required

  • Start off by selecting one of the game modes that you have decided on
  • next select online play
  • from here you can select friend match, invite friend or private game (which requires a password to join).

Thats it! Super simple and easy to do. So get online and become the Super Star!

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