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what is maneater

There’s a lot of games it there where you can be an animal and explore the world from their point of view. There’s not too many that land in the cross section between “embodying and animal” and “murderous kill counts”. Maneater floats perfectly in that section. 

Carved out of the womb of your mother by a fisherman you had no choice but to take his hand. It won you your freedom, freedom to follow the voice inside you saying one basic thing, “eat”. 

Maneater Trailer

Whether it’s devouring a school of fish or grabbing golfers mid swing your main goal is to eat. Not even other sharks are safe from your all encompassing appetite because the more you eat, the stronger you get. 

Build up your strength to get back to the man who pulled you into this world. Use stone coated fins to take out enemy ships attacking you and your new electrical abilities to paralyze them once they hit the water. Eat everything in sight and gain abilities that will make him wish he was never born. 

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