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Cyberpunk 2077 FAQ

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Cyberpunk 2077 | FAQ

Cyberpunk 2077 has had some shaky beginnings. Once the most hyped and anticipated game of the decade, it was able to achieve the largest digital launch ever with 10.2 million digital copies sold, according to data from Launch day is when their real issues started though, we’ve all heard the outrage, seen the memes, and heard the cry for refunds. The product presented (specially to current-gen gamers) was unacceptable, nothing like what was teased to the masses in the years, months and even days leading up to its release. Xbox One and Playstation base console players were hit the worst, their years of anticipation screeching to a halt as they finally booted up a barely playable Cyberpunk 2077 for the first time. 

Some time has passed now since that fateful day, things have changed, updates have been shipped, apologies and promises have been made. There still may be hope for Cyberpunk 2077 just yet! Whether you’re considering buying, have just started or are well into the game looking for tips to 100% it, you’ve come to the right place. This FAQ is created to grow and evolve over time, shaped by the questions you have! Get in touch with us in the comments section at the bottom of this page or reach out to us on instagram ( to ask your burning questions so we can include them in this resource! In the meantime, we hope you find the answers you’ve been looking for and enjoy the world of Cyberpunk 2077!

Want to get hands on with your Cyberpunk content? Check out this official hardcover game guide!


Are you trying to decide whether or not you should buy Cyberpunk now? There are a lot of factors to consider but the most important one by far is your hardware capabilities. Although Cyberpunk was marketed heavily as a current-gen title, it was apparent from launch that the game just was not built with current-gen in mind. Playstation 4 base and Xbox One base consoles aren’t capable of generating a playable experience in the game’s current state. Although CDPR is making steady improvements, they’ve noticeably changed their tune from originally marketing towards Xbox one and PS4 users, to now referring to those consoles as “last-gen” – nodding to their focus on PC and next-gen console users primarily. Our advice at this time would be to forget about Cyberpunk 2077 for now until you can upgrade to next-gen or make the switch to a PC!

Even Playstation 4 Pro and Xbox One X consoles struggled to keep up with Cyberpunk’s graphics heavy game world. The experience on these systems is passable but still not recommended. Considering that the power required to bring out Cyberpunk’s full potential is really only seen on today’s most powerful gaming PC’s. 

Cyberpunk 2077 xbox one vs series x comparison

So what about Xbox Series X and Playstation 5? Cyberpunk was clearly built for next-gen consoles and PC and it really shows when you compare the performance between consoles from the current and next generation. Load times, frame rates, frequency of glitches and image quality is FAR better on the Series X and the Playstation 5, so if you can actually get your hands on one of these consoles – you can play Cyberpunk with relatively no issues. I can’t speak for Playstation’s performance specifically but the lightning fast SSD and Processor in the Series X allows for steady 60fps gameplay in “Performance Mode” or 4K crispy graphics in “Quality Mode”. Where Cyberpunk really shines though, is on a high performance gaming PC, before we get into that though, let’s briefly talk about CDPR’s comments about the current state and future plans for CB 2077! 


A recent apology video from a CDPR co-founder revealed the development crisis that was experienced in the weeks and months leading up to Cyberpunk’s release. None of what was said really excuses the dishonesty of the pre-launch marketing… giving fans the image of a polished next-gen experience running smoothly on all systems from PC to Xbox One. This footage was hand picked and didn’t demonstrate the actual state the game was in at the time of launch which was so poor that some game marketplaces took down the listing for Cyberpunk altogether and were forced to arrange swathes of refunds. Also revealed in this video was the hopeful and naïve perspective that Cyberpunk’s development team apparently had, claiming that they felt they could get the game up to par in the weeks running up to release. After launch though, apparently is when they realized just how much work the game really needed. It wasn’t just bug fixes that were needed to improve the current-gen experience but really a complete rebuild of the game’s infrastructure. Specifically, the hardware demands of the technology that is used to render Cyberpunk’s sprawling and detailed world – was just completely underestimated. Whether or not CDPR truly had the best intentions, they also revealed their roadmap for 2021 – detailing next gen upgrades, DLCs and more! 

cyberpunk 2077 2021 roadmap updates dlc upgrade

Patch 1.1 and numerous hotfixes have already been released at this point, and with DLC and next-gen upgrades (supposedly bringing Ray-tracing and other next-gen goodies to PS5 and Xbox Series X) coming later this year we can assume that CDPR is dedicated to redeeming Cyberpunk in a big way. We’ve seen this pattern many times before and sometimes it’s very possible that a game that completely bombs at launch makes a 180 degree turn and comes back in a year or two’s time! Think about where No Man’s Sky, Skyrim or even The Witcher 3 started; Bugs, community outrage, refunds and performance issues. These games have since made huge comebacks and now command giant communities of loyal fans. It’s very possible that Cyberpunk could share the same fate!


cyberpunk pc requirements gpu cpu ray tracing

According to CDPR, you can max out Cyberpunk 2077 with Ray Tracing Ultra and 2160p resolution with an RTX 3080 GPU and an intel i7 or Ryzen 5. For RAM, 16gb is listed which is pretty standard for any Gaming PC. Third party sources suggest that these benchmarks are a little misleading – recommending even more powerful systems at each level. Long story short, this game is going to stretch the limits of your PC so make sure your system is up to par! If you’re not concerned about Ray Tracing or UHD graphics though, you should be just fine with a 1660 Super GPU and an intel i5 or Ryzen 3 CPU (and make sure you have at least 70gb of SSD available, M.2 preferably).


PS4 or Xbox One base? Do not Buy Cyberpunk 2077

PS4 Pro or Xbox One X? Buy with Caution and don’t expect a next-gen experience.

PS5 or Xbox Series X? Buy with confidence

PC? Make sure your specs are ready to tackle Cyberpunk, and if they are, enjoy! 


Welcome to Night City where your imagination is the limit. Climate change, organized crime, corporate greed and post-humanism run rampant across this futuristic haven for fame seekers and dreamers alike. From your very first introduction to the game and the world it exists in, it’s scale and potential can be totally overwhelming. If you can do anything you want, become anything you want – where do you start?


Tip #1 – Don’t sweat the prologue

Immediately after completing character creation, you will be faced with a choice – Establish your character’s life path! You may choose from; The Nomad, The Corpo-Rat and The Street Kid. This is not a momentous choice to be mulled over for hours. No matter what you choose, all missions, romances, un-lockables and even endings are reachable. The tangible effects of this choice are;

A) Your prologue mission (Spoiler alert, you end up in the same place no matter what!) All 3 life path options are represented by MJ01, MJ02 and MJ03 in the roadmap below.

B) Dialogue choices in main missions and some side missions. In certain situations, you may find yourself with an advantage because of your background. This could result in a more favorable mission outcome or more commonly – a witty one-liner that adds some color to a drab NPC interaction. Just to ease your mind, here’s an excerpt from Cyberpunk 2077’s Official Guidebook showing that each life path choice leads to the same mission path! 

cyberpunk roadmap completion prologue guide

Long story short, just pick the life path that interests you most! And if you are still suffering from FOMO after your choice you can always save your game and return to the prologue to experience the sequence from each life path before continuing with your game.

Tip #2 Try Everything

Choice is everything in Cyberpunk 2077. One thing that CDPR certainly got right was freedom of playstyle. Similar to how Skyrim’s progression system essentially rewards you for what you do, you’ll earn experience with certain weapon types and tactics just by using them! Of course you’ll also level up and add attribute points and climb the skill tree manually – this makes for a very customized leveling experience.

Our advice when starting out here is not to rely on your preferences from other RPGs to choose a playstyle and weapons. When you’re starting out, try it all! Weapons types in Cyberpunk include; Sniper rifles, Shotguns, Handguns, Swords, Blunt weapons, Assault Rifles, Sub Machine Guns and various forms of Cyberware like Mantis Blades. Whatever style you usually gravitate towards, we highly recommend branching out and trying everything before specializing.

Want more helpful tips like these? Check out this official hardcover game guide!


One of the most anticipated and talked about features of Cyberpunk 2077 was undoubtedly the mechanic of Romance. Early promotional footage of the game featured clips of steamy sex scenes and intimate romantic moments with characters the internet seemed to fall in love with over night, such as Judy Alvarez. Whether you choose to play a Male or Female character (and oddly enough) what voice tone you choose makes all the difference in determining which of these romantic options become available to you in your play through. With that out of the way, let’s dive into how you can romance each of these fine Bachelors and Bachelorettes!

cyberpunk 2077 judy romance guide how to


Character Requirements: Female body type + Female voice tone

how to romance judy alvarez requirements

Mission Requirements: Turn down Maiko’s plan and/or payment during side job 30 -“Pisces”

Accept side job 31 – “Pyramid” (One of the coolest side jobs in this whole game by the way). Complete the mission and stay the night in the beach bungalow.

To initiate romance scene: Kiss Judy when you have the opportunity in the bathroom.

To establish a relationship: Join Judy at the dock in the morning and tell her your night together was “The beginning of something amazing.”

Additional flirting moments: During the “Pyramid” Side job you can attempt to flirt with Judy as a Male character but Judy will shut you down. This has no negative outcome on the game.

Judy will call and text you occasionally after completing her quest-line, as well as give you access to her apartment! See Endings section for how to get a Happy ever After ending with Judy!


Character Requirements: Male body type 

how to romance panam palmer guide

Mission Requirements: Flirt with Panam at the end of Side job 45 – “Riders on the Storm”. 

NOTE: “Riders on the Storm” must be completed within 24 in-game hours or the mission will fail and romancing Panam will not be possible.

Don’t tell Saul Panam’s plan at the beginning Side job 49 – “With a little help from my friends”

Do not tell Panam that you’re just in it for the money during Side job 49

To initiate romance scene: Accept Panam’s offer to neural sync during side job 50 “Queen of the Highway”

To establish relationship: After the ambush is completed, during the conversation with Panam, take the option to Kiss Panam. 

Additional flirting moments: During the “Ghost Town” main job you will have multiple flirting opportunities at the Sunset Motel. Scooch closer to Panam during the campfire scene in “With a little help from my friends”

Panam will text you to tell you she misses you occasionally after completing her quest-line as well as be available to call during the Epilogues. See Endings section for how to unlock a Happy Ever After ending with Panam!


Character Requirements: Male body type + Male voice tone

kerry eurodyne how to romance guide cyberpunk

Mission Requirements: Complete Johnny’s side quest line, starting with Side job 34 – “Tape Worm”, key romance decisions start at Side job 43.

To initiate romance scene: Kiss Kerry when given the chance on the yacht during Side job 43 – “Boat Drinks”

To establish relationship: During the beach scene, confirm your interest in Kerry when he asks. (Give him a hug)

Additional flirting moments: Show your interest (It’s pretty obvious which lines to choose) during the roof top conversation during Side job 42 “Off the Leash”. This will lead to the option to kiss Kerry.

Kerry will be available to call during most Epilogue sequences, or will call you during the credits. There is no Happy ever After option with Kerry.


Character Requirements: Female body type 

river ward how to romance guide

Mission Requirements: Save Randy during Side job 20 – “The Hunt”. Save before this mission as being unsuccessful will lock the ability to pursue a relationship with River.

Show your interest in River at the end of Side job 20 (multiple dialogue lines)

To initiate romance scene: Kiss River during at both opportunities during Side job 21 – “Following the River”

To establish relationship: Confirm your interest the morning after the romance sequence by saying “I feel good around you”

River will be available to call during most Epilogue sequences, or will call you during the credits. There is no Happy ever After option with River.


 For an in-depth overview of all the missions, critical points and pathways possible in Cyberpunk 2077 – check out this official hardcover game guide!

Warning, spoilers ahead!

There are 4 possible epilogues when completing Cyberpunk 2077, one extremely challenging secret option, as well as an easy out… Each of these paths has requirements and select choices which must be made in order to play them out. Let’s dive into how you can complete them all!

First things first, where is the point of no return? In other words, what mission will trigger the end game sequences so that you know where to stop? The point of no return is Major Job 26 “Nocturne Op55N1” – if you’re unsure which one this is, the mission description says to meet Hanako at Embers, and the mission starts as soon as you enter the club! Before continuing, create a manual save here and keep it safe. 

After a few sequences, you will be on a balcony with Misty. During this conversation is when you’ll make the key choices that determine your ending! The first is choosing to call your romantic partner, this will determine their involvement in your epilogue so make sure to choose wisely. The second choice is whose help to enlist in raiding Arasaka tower, each of these choices leads to a different path. Without further adieu, let’s dive into it.


  • Trigger this path by choosing to accept Hanako’s offer and trust Arasaka.
  • There are no prerequisites for this path
  • This is a Corpo ending
  • Leads to major job 27 and 28
  • This leads to Epilogue 1: “Where is My Mind” in which V chooses between joining the “Secure your soul” program and returning to earth to meet his eventual death.
  • You are able to call your love interest during this epilogue and you’ll also receive a call from them in the credits!


panams path cyberpunk ending credits guide

  • Trigger this path by choosing to ask for Panam’s help
  • Must have completed Side Job 50 “Queen of the Highway”
  • Leads to Major Job 31-33
  • To trigger Epilogue 2: “All Along the Watchtower”, V must choose to enter the well inside Mikoshi. In this epilogue, Johnny remains in Cyberspace and V leaves Night City with the nomads.
  • During Epilogue 2: Panam or Judy will join you as you leave Night City, you’ll also receive a call from your love interest during the credits.
  • To trigger Epilogue 3: “New Dawn Fades”, V must choose to cross the bridge with Alt. In this epilogue V remains in cyberspace with Alt and Johnny inherits V’s body.
  • During Epilogue 3: Your love interest will not appear but you’ll receive a call from them during the credits.


Rogues path cyberpunk ending guide johnny

  • Trigger this path by choosing to ask for Rogue’s help
  • Must have completed Side job 36 “Blistering Love”
  • Leads to Major Job 29 and 30
  • To trigger Epilogue 3 “New Dawn Fades” V must choose to cross the bridge in Mikoshi with Alt. V remains in cyberspace with Alt and Johnny inherits V’s body.
  • During Epilogue 3: Your love interest will not appear but you’ll receive a call from them during the credits.
  • To trigger Epilogue 4 “Path of Glory” V must choose to enter the well. In this epilogue Johnny remains in cyberspace and V becomes a Night City legend.
  • In Epilogue 4 you’ll have a conversation with your love interest in your penthouse and they will also call you during the credits.


cyberpunk suicide pills ending least resistance

You can trigger this ending by reconsidering one of your choices during the path choosing sequence, looking to your hand holding the pills or the gun. Choose the dialogue option “Could also just put all this to rest”.

Note this option will roll the credits right away and you’ll miss all of the awesome possible endings this way! Unless you’re trying to complete a speed run, you won’t get much out of this path. Try it if you must, then re-load to your manual save and get prepared for the final secret ending… “Don’t Fear the Reaper” 


cyberpunk secret ending path guide

In order to unlock this path, simply remain quiet for a few minutes when Johnny asks you how you would like to proceed. He will take your silence as sign that you’d like to go it alone. This leads to the option of solo raiding Arasaka tower which is probably the most challenging task in the entire game! This should only be attempted when you have mastered combat techniques and command an impressive arsenal of overpowered weapons. There are very few save points throughout this mission and dying will trigger credits immediately. All enemies will be at maximum level and maximum health also decreases over time. Do not attempt this until you are near maximum level and carrying the best weapons in the game! 

If you make it to Mikoshi, you can trigger either Epilogue 3 by crossing the bridge with Alt or Epilogue 4 by choosing to enter the well. There is nothing else other than bragging rights to be achieved here, although there are likely trophies and points to be collected depending on the platform you are playing on.


Cyberpunk skippy guide

Yes you can! A completely non-lethal playthrough of the game is possible, you’ll need to enlist some of the following strategies to get it done.

  • Use non-lethal takedowns as much as possible
  • Stealth is your best friend, the most non-lethal confrontations are the ones that don’t happen at all!
  • Level your sneaking skills and leverage quick hacks like Ping to easily locate all your enemies and always Breach Protocol to disable cameras (and earn extra credits)
  • Opt for all non-lethal dialogue options in cut scenes, hint that the gun icon always means lethal.
  • Equip weapon mods like PAX – which render your rounds non-lethal
  • Equip Tranquilizer Rounds on your Projectile Launcher Cyberware
  • Make sure to frequently, as some enemy encounters (like boss fights) will require a specific course of action and/or dialogue choices to allow for a non-lethal outcome!
  • Find “Skippy” – Cyberpunk’s unique AI handgun in Vista Del Ray (Heywood) and set it to Pacifist mode! Note that after 50 enemies are defeated, Skippy will automatically switch to a Headshot mode which will render it extremely lethal.
  • Study up on advanced combat techniques and extra unlockables to up your game even further. See official game guide here.


  • Money making tips
  • Breach protocol (Net Runner method)
  • Gigs and big money missions
  • Current glitches and exploits

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