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Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War beta Day 2

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Welcome back to day 2 of beta testing Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. 

Thankfully there were no issues getting the game to load initially today. That’s not to say there weren’t a lot of other issues with the game but we’ll get into that in a sec.

The game is a blast to play. I am not one who tends to play these competitive first person shooters but I’m starting to think maybe I should be spending more time playing them. I did get better over the course of playing but still got obliterated each round. Some of that was due to glitching in the game but generally it was just me. 

The wide selection of guns and modifications that you can apply to your weapon of choice is fantastic. It really helps to make each class feel like it’s “your own” more so than the last version of Black Ops that I remember playing. The levels are also a great size and construction making it so that they are large enough for a new player like myself to get a little exploring in before dying. They aren’t so crazy big that I find myself aimlessly wandering around either which I have found in other games and that, to me, can be more frustrating than getting quickly killed.

 Gameplay from Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War

The negatives that I was dealing with (remembering that this is a beta test) were a lot of glitching within the game as well as full game crashes. From general map loading issues to full freezing while playing the game definitely has some bugs to work out still. 

I attempted to get some co-op play in and it honestly took about a half hour before we could game in game chat to work between us. After that was finally sorted out we started a game only to have it crash the second I started moving. It seemed to be more of an issue for me than my cohort who was playing on an Xbox though. I can’t be sure how much of it was an issue on my end or with the game itself but it was bad enough that there are certain classes I could not edit. For some reason every time I tried to open up those particular classes it would crash while I was able to open and edit other classes without issue. 

Overall the game was a lot of fun and if you’re into first person shooters you will for sure enjoy this game. Even people (like myself) who don’t play these games too often should try their hand at this game once it comes out. It was a blast even though I got killed frequently.

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