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Animal Crossing Flower Crossbreeding Guide

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Animal Crossing Flower Crossbreeding guide

We are all getting rather frustrated at this point with all the information out there regarding flowers and cross breeding in the new Animal Crossing game. We’ve been looking everywhere for the correct combinations to get the colors that we want and we realized one thing that seems more and more evident as you keep searching. Everyone is just making their best guess.

Not that we’re going to be any different here but we’ve also been playing, and testing, as many different combinations as we can so here’s what we’ve found so far.

*Any combinations written in brackets have not been proven by us yet. We have been told these combinations worked by others playing the game but have yet to see the result ourselves. Their success could be true or the result of other colors not being spaced sufficiently far away. 

Just to explain the very basics (not including color crossing and such) there is a method to breeding flowers.

  1. Have flowers. Yes this seems very basic but still needs to be stated (apparently). Your island will have started with a type of flower but there is also more for purchase at Nook’s Cranny. For any of the colors or varieties that you are missing there are two basic ways to get them. Going to another player’s island and purchasing from their shop (if they have different flowers). Or going to a mystery island and digging up flowers from there. If you’re visiting a “Best Friends” island you’ll also be able to dig up flowers there. Be sure they’re ok with it before you do though.

         *Picking a flower doesn’t give you something to plant, you must dig it up*

  1. Lay out your flowers in a way that allows for them to “expand”. Personally I find that the checkerboard pattern works best for this but whatever floats your boat really. As long as there are unoccupied grass spaces adjacent to the flowers you’re breeding then they will be able to spread.
  2. Water your flowers. This is key. You can either water them using a watering can or pray for rain. Once you get a large number of crossbreeding flowers going watering can take an awful long time everyday. Currently it takes about an hour and a half to water everything for us. This also means carrying around multiple watering cans to get through every flower.
  3. Wait. Not every flower will produce more flowers everyday and on top of that they often just replicate the color you started with. This is all well and good when you want more yellow Tulips but when you’re aiming for orange it gets rather frustrating. 
  4. It doesn’t always make sense. As pictured below it seems like the flowers like to create completely random colors from time to time. In this case they made a pink tulip between the red and yellow ones. They can also seem to create their parent color again, but this is more rare. (IE. Two orange tulips creating a yellow one). 
Red and Yellow tulips, animal crossing new horizons


Pink = Red+White
Orange = Red+Yellow
Black = Red+Red (ya, doesn’t make sense)
Purple = Black+Black AND Orange+Orange
*Orange Tulips have shown to do some funny things for us. They have produced more Orange, Black, Yellow and Purple on our island. Whether this is some glitch or intended is unknown. 
Pink = Red+White
Orange = Red+Yellow
Blue = White+White AND Red+Red
Purple = Blue+Blue (AND Orange+Orange)


Pink = Red+White
Orange = Red+Yellow
Black= Red+Red

black and orange tulips animal crossing new horizons


Pink= Red+White
Orange = Red+Yellow
Black = Red+Red (And Orange+Orange)


Pink = Red+White
Orange = Red+Yellow
Purple = White+White
Hybrid Red = Purple+Orange
Blue = H.Red+H.Red
Black= Red+Red
(Gold = Black rose watered with golden watering can)

red and white roses animal crossing new horizons


Pink = Red+White
Purple = White+White
Green = Purple+Purple


Orange = Red+Yellow
Blue = White+White
Hybrid Red = Blue+Red
Hybrid Orange = Blue+Orange
Purple = (Blue+Blue) (H.Red+H.Red) (H.Orange+H.Orange)

animal crossing new horizons, pansies orange, red, yellow, white


Pink = Red+Orange
Blue = White+White (Orange+White)
Purple = Blue+Blue (Blue+Pink) (Pink+Pink)

The GOLDEN watering can is an item that will not break with use, According to rumours. Also according to those rumours the only way to get the item is to maintain a 5 star island for 15 days consecutively. We have not reached 5 stars yet so are only relaying the rumours that we’ve stumbled across ourselves. Once we find out the truth we’ll adjust the record accordingly. Sign up for our emails to be informed of any new content. (Don’t worry we won’t spam you with garbage, we hate that too).  
That’s everything that we know about crossbreeding flowers for now! Hope it helps you out!

Windflowers animal crossing new horizons


Breeding and crossbreeding flowers are fairly easy. There’s only a few key things to remember 

  • The flowers you want to breed must be touching (Checkerboard pattern works well for this)
  • The flowers must have been watered (Watering can or rain)
  • There must be an available, unoccupied grass space next to the flowers

Flowers won’t produce daily and there are combinations to make new colors (Listed above)

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