Halo Infinite Multiplayer Surprise Launches Three Weeks Early

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halo infinite early release multiplayer

Monday, November 15th marked 20 years since the original Xbox was released, as well as the ever adored franchise, Halo. As part of this celebratory live streamed event, Microsoft surprised fans by releasing the new upcoming Halo Infinite a full 3 weeks ahead of it’s planned released date of December 8th. Although fans will still have to wait for December 8th to play the new campaign featuring the return of Spartan officer 117, known to most as Master Chief – a fully functional multiplayer beta is now free to play via Xbox Gamepass! Non-xbox players can also pick up the multiplayer beta today on steam.

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“Some of us were expecting it, the rumors were boiling. First, Twitter rumors that Microsoft would launch Halo early to coincide with the 20 year anniversary. Then, people started circulating evidence that the server code had gone live… Then all of the Rockstar Energy armor sets went live early, I was so excited for that live stream, and sure enough – it happened!”

As you can see in our video, Halo Infinite boasts a cutting edge AAA multiplayer experience. The 4K visuals in 60fps are crisp and punchy. Especially viewed on an HDR 10 monitor or TV as was the one we recorded this footage, the colors, lighting and shading are incredible. I also experienced no lagging, stuttering, or even screen tearing in any of my online sessions although on day one I did have a couple of crashes, undoubtedly do to the reported 250,000+ concurrent players that were online on launch day… That’s more than Apex Legends on launch

Stay tuned for a full Halo Infinite multiplayer review, and later review of Halo Infinite’s campaign which is coming out on December 8th this year!

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