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Flash Party Has Officially Launched the Latest Update

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Flash Party has officially launched with their Stardust Warriors update. Merging together the battle style of Smash Bro’s with Battle Royal to create Party Royal!

Flash Party is also upping the incentive with invitation code incentives for both new players and veterans alike to earn some great rewards.

flash party party host

A Fresh Hero

Flash Party has made a number of changes to create a more exciting experience for the players. From Increasing the level cap to 10, to sticker slots that will tweak your character any way you want. Not to mention adding in a new character! Cookie & Can jumps into the fold as the 21st hero.

With a Hero store where players may now exchange the heros they attained, as well as a series of skins from the Tales of Mountain and Seas theme.

With Flash Party now reaching cross platform status, your ability to trade has been greatly improved. And so has your opponents.

flash party cookie & can

Flash Party Releases “Party Royal”

Flash Party brings a new way to play with their “Party Royal” mode. Dropping players into a jungle with a slowly shrinking zone will, inevitably, leave only one player standing. Will you survive by hunting for chest to increase your strength? Or will you charge head on defeating other players taking items and buffs with you. Perhaps you’ll just hide it out waiting in the bushes for the others to take care of everything.

However you want to approach Party royal, you’ll have to outlast 9 other players in this epic contest.

Find Flash Party now on Google play, The App Store and Steam. Jump into the action and fight your way to the top!

With the start of a new year, why not get a new calendar! We’ve taken the classic calendar (boring) and gamified it for a much more exciting experience. Learn more about it here.

The best way to keep on top of those things you don’t want to do is to turn it into a game.

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