A Fold Apart – First Look

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a fold apart first look

I gotta admit that right from the start this game had my attention. The name itself is unique enough to have drawn me in, but watching the teaser trailer had me hooked. I’ve been in a number of long distance relationships in my life and they are not an easy thing. To incorporate that into a video game? Well, I’m intrigued.

The 3D cartoon graphics are colorful and eye catching. Inviting in the unusual element of folding into the game only adds to the cuteness of this game, A Fold Apart.

A Fold Apart Gameplay Trailer

Although the trailers and demos don’t show enough of the game to be able to tell if the puzzles are any good. The concept is intriguing nonetheless. It’ll be very interesting to see what this game turns out to be. Hopefully so the unique elements turn out to be as good as it looks it could be.

Find A Fold Apart from Lightning Rod Games on their official page; Lightningrodgames.com

Available on: 

  • PC
  • Xbox One
  • PS4
  • Nintendo Switch

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