Call of Juarez: Gunslinger Review

call of Juarez gunslinger

A call back to the stories of the old west and the movies made about that period. Learn some real history as you exterminate some of the bad guys in your way. Just be ready to draw that revolver. Mobile Game Review

I’ve been on the hunt lately for a mobile game that would be fun to have on my phone. It’s tough to find something that is fun to play and easy to jump into without completely sucking me in. I don’t want to end up spending hours a day on my phone. I just want […]

The Falconeer Free VR Update!

the falconeer new vr update

Free is a funny thing. Mainly because of how rare free truly can be but Wired Productions and Tomas Sala making it happen. On top of that they have even allowed the game to be discounted 60% on Steam for those who don’t already own it. You can even upgrade your purchase to the “Warrior […]

Eversoul Gets over 1 million pre-registers in just over a week

With the makings to be the next big mobile hit, Eversoul has already managed to hit the million “player” mark before even hitting release. Even though the game has only been open for pre-registration for over a week it’s clear people are interested. As an early thank you to its pre-registered fans more epic souls, […]

Video Game Fables Review

Video Game Fables is a fun and simple game that is easy to play. Turning the traditional “save the princess” game on its head to create a fun and quirky game.

Death’s Door Review

When I stumbled across this game I actually found it for free on the Nintendo store. It’s pretty easy to convince yourself to give a game a shot when it’s not costing you a penny anyhow. Now I’m obsessed with it. Somehow Death’s Door has found a way to cross the idea of being a […]