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Mass Effect: LE Revitalizes the Best Sci-fi Story Ever Told in Gaming

mass effect legendary edition review

This post was authored by: cvarrr | Play time:120+ hours | Console: Playstation 5. In an era where remastered editions of games are becoming increasingly common, it’s easy to become fatigued and apprehensive towards them (Bethesda, I’m looking at you—stop with Skyrim already!). Mass Effect (2007-2012) was critically acclaimed at the time the games were […]

Gravity Rush: Attack of the Back Log, Episode 1

gravity rush review

Another wonderful review from our guest writer J.Hill. Click here if you want to see more of their work. Many gamers know the feeling: I want to finish this game, but I also really want to try this one. Oh hey, this one is on sale, might as well try this while I’m at it. Friends are […]

Genshin Impact Review

genshin impact review

Article written by guest writer, J.Hill Genshin Impact: Gacha gaming that’s… good? I often find myself not knowing quite how to feel about mobile games. While capable of providing cheap thrills and alleviating temporary boredom, they generally don’t possess the sort of staying power more robust console and PC titles do. The endless match-three puzzlers, hero […]

Horizon Zero Dawn Review

horizon zero dawn review

Article written by a guest writer, J.Hill  There are moments in gaming we all remember in childhood, that have stuck with us through the passage of time. Psycho Mantis, with his mind-boggling fourth wall tricks. Learning that the cake was a lie, that Samus a woman, that the Reapers do not come in peace. As […]

Control Review

control review

Article written by a guest writer, J.Hill. Finnish developer Remedy Entertainment is best know for their moody, character driven cinematic games like Max Payne and Alan Wake. For a studio whose slow trickle of titles seems rivaled only by the likes of Team Ico, waiting for the next game can feel an interminable wait. Thankfully, […]