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Clubhouse games: 51 Worldwide Classics

Clubhouse games 51 Worldwide Classics Review

My dive into this game came from successful advertising (good job Nintendo). I was sent an email from Nintendo with a few games highlighted, clubhouse games include. The reason it got my attention? Bowling.  As I looked into what games were contained into this little package I was highly interested in getting it for myself […]

Horizon Zero Dawn Review

horizon zero dawn review

Article written by a guest writer, J.Hill  There are moments in gaming we all remember in childhood, that have stuck with us through the passage of time. Psycho Mantis, with his mind-boggling fourth wall tricks. Learning that the cake was a lie, that Samus a woman, that the Reapers do not come in peace. As […]

Control Review

control review

Article written by a guest writer, J.Hill. Finnish developer Remedy Entertainment is best know for their moody, character driven cinematic games like Max Payne and Alan Wake. For a studio whose slow trickle of titles seems rivaled only by the likes of Team Ico, waiting for the next game can feel an interminable wait. Thankfully, […]