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Co-Founder of Time Wasters. Favourites are Couch co-ops, games that can be made into drinking games, and anything open world. Grew up on Nintendo but I have been putting considerable time into the Playstation 4. Nintendo will always have my heart.
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So I know that this is not a new game by any means but it is the first time I have played it. I borrowed it from a friend since I have looked at it every time that I see it in the store. I’m making this write up a quick blip because this game is not my type of game to play. That is not to say that it is a bad game at all, just not something that interests me particularly. 

Sine Mora boss fight

The game reminds me of a classic arcade side scroller game but with an upgraded 3D depth to the scenery. Flying in a plane (that can also fly underwater?) while shooting the things that come onto the screen to stay alive and hopefully upgrade as you go! 

There are a number of things that can be “won” from shooting down enemies:

  • Increases the time you have to make it through the level
  • Upgrade your weapon. Being hit can make you lose those upgrades.
  • Increase the length of time you can slow time down for. 
  • Increase your score.
Sine Mora underwater boss

Now as your getting through the level it’s not difficult to get a number of weapon upgrades. The more you get the easier it is to get more. That is until you reach a boss or mini boss and they are shooting nearly every direction at the same time. As soon as you get hit your weapon upgrades drift away from you with a short period of time for you to retrieve them before they disappear into nothingness. Well since the boss is still shooting from every which direction it feels nearly impossible to hold onto your weapon upgrades. Without the weapon upgrades I find myself having an extremely difficult time being able to do enough damage to matter before running out of time and “dying “ that way. 

SINE MORA trailer | Nintendo,

After everything I can see the positives of this game and how some people could really get into it. It is just not for me at all and for that reason I’ve decided to move onto the next thing instead. If you get the chance to try it for free like I did I would highly suggest giving it a shot.

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