Pikmin 3 for the Switch

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pikmin 3 deluxe for nintendo switch

I bet there is a number of you out there who are going “Finally a third Pikmin!” Well sorry to burst your bubble but the game has actually been out for a long while. Being originally released on the Wii U 7 years ago. The reason you might not have heard of it isn’t because it’s not a good game (it’s just as great as the other two). Likely you didn’t hear about it because the Wii U was kinda a failure meaning that the games that came out for it didn’t receive the love they deserved. 

Pikmin 3 ship and onion

For those of you who did get to play the game this news is equally as exciting. Pikmin 3 is being re-released on the Nintendo Switch!

Since there is no real word on a Pikmin 4 coming along, getting to play number 3 on the Switch is about as close as we’re going to get to having a new addition to the series any time soon. That being said if Nintendo sees the renewed love for the game on this record selling console they might put a rush on number 4!!

pikmin divided into groups

With the demo available now in the Nintendo Store you might as well give it a go! I already did!

Although the game being full price for an updated game from 7 years ago is kinda unbelievable, for those of us who haven’t played the full game previously it might just be worth it. 

rock pikmin staring at camera

So if the nostalgia is taking over, or you’re just looking for something light to play, download the demo for Pikmin 3 now! Remind yourself just how much joy these little idiots can bring!

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