Death of the DS

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nintendo ds is dead

Right from the original release of the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo has been adamant that the DS would not be forgotten. Whether this was 100% truthful at the time or was just a cover to make sure that all the remaining DS variants and games were sold. I beleive it was the second one.

The Nintendo Switch is basically a better version of the Nintendo DS with a lot more capability. Even if you’re just comparing it to the NIntendo Switch Lite, the toned down version of the console (that I don’t think is worth the small overall savings). 

Well the time has come and Nintendo has announced that they will be discontinuing the DS. Hopefully with the change in production they will be able to keep up with the demand for the Switch. I know a number of individuals who has been left with no option but to buy the Nintendo Switch Lite just to play the games they want during these trying times. As I have said before I personally do not believe that purchasing the “Lite” is worth the meager savings over the full fledged console. 

Either way any version of the Switch is going to fulfill your handheld gaming needs!

So long DS. You served us well over the years. More than anything thank you for being a major stepping stone towards the development of the Switch.

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