5 Anticipated Games of 2020

January 01, 2020

5 Anticipated Games of 2020

Start off your new year right with a great game! There's nothing worse than spending your time and hard earned money on a game that you don't even enjoy. I know personally I still end up playing it with the thought "I need to get my money's worth out of this"

Take a look through the most anticipated Games of 2020 and save yourself from wasting time on something you won't like.

Not everything that'll be coming out this year will be in this list. "Most anticipated" is not a definitive category but instead comes down to an accumulation of personal opinions. With that in mind we've put together a list of highly anticipated Games coming out this year!


Animal Crossing: New Horizons

New Horizons is a game that I've been excited about for a while. Classically in this series, you go to a new town taking over an old property slowly rebuilding the property and in turn, improving the entire town. This iteration of Animal Crossing is a little different in the fact that you're living off an uninhabited island (See Tom Nook's promotional trailer). You get to decide which property you want to build on and help guide the development of the whole town! Collecting supplies and crafting the items you need keeps you busy planning your islands progress. 

Animal Crossing: New Horizons trailer | Nintendo, youtube.com



Twelve Minutes

This is an odd game that I'm honestly still not sure about. Your character is trapped in a 12 minute time loop in which you've been tasked to save your wife's life. Failure resets the clock, allowing you another chance to do so. The trailer is a little ambiguous as to why it's happening other than she may have had something to do with her father's death. 

Although the graphics seem minimal and the gameplay very unusual the concept behind it could turn this into a very interesting game to spend your time on. Personally I would wait to see some full reviews of the game before spending your hard earned money on it, it could easily be a colossal failure as well. 

12 Minutes Trailer | Xbox youtube



Cyberpunk 2077

Now not everyone loves Keanu Reeves but I gotta say I’m loving seeing these big name actors getting into video games. The trailer makes it look a lot like a futuristic version of Grand Theft Auto which I can only think of as a good thing. Not only your character, but seemingly the majority of citizens, have some degree of cybernetic enhancement. Work your way through “the worst place to live in America”. The gameplay and storyline change based on the choices you make and the actions you take giving you a lot more control with how you want to develop. Apparently things like the street cred that you build can unlock different character dialogue (as well as new quests) than you wouldn't normally have. 
Watch the trailer below for a glimpse of the game if you haven’t looked into it previously. 

 Cyberpunk 2077 Trailer | Cyberpunk 2077, youtube.com



Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2

First off, there is no official release date set for this game yet but with the developers ability to build off the first game instead of starting completely from scratch there is a really good possibility of a 2020 release.

Life for Link is never easy. Always coming from some unexpected background to build himself up and save the world. Unfortunately this time saving it once wasn’t enough. The trailer seems to depict Link and Princess Zelda searching the ruins of the castle where the final battle with Calamity Ganon took place. While searching the ruins they come across some remnants of the pillowing black smoke that signified areas touched by Ganon’s evil. Within the mist is a withered creature whose eyes glow red. This trailer doesn’t give us a lot to work off for the upcoming game either other than to know that there will be one! Follow us to get updates on it when we know, for the time being the trailer for “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2” is below.

 Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 | Nintendo, youtube.com



Halo Infinite

Although the Halo series has seen a number of “failures” in its time, there has been promises that Halo Infinite will be bringing back the classic Halo style that people first fell in love with. 343 Studios boss Bonnie Ross stated that Halo Infinite is meant to be a “spiritual reboot” of the series after the struggles and shortcomings of Halo 4, Halo 5 and Halo: The Masterchief Collection.

Enjoy the trailer below and see if Halo Infinite can get you excited too!

 Halo Infinite trailer | Halo, youtube.com


That’s all we have for you for now! With so many games coming out there is more than we could hope to fit in a single post. Stay tuned for more of this years games that we find exciting! 



There’s a number of great games coming out this year. The five we have listed here are :
  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons
  • Twelve Minutes
  • Cyberpunk 2077
  • Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2
  • Halo Infinite

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