7 Games Guaranteed to Distract you from the Corona Virus

March 01, 2020

Corona virus games to play

With everything going on in the world right now, the last thing that you need to be doing is obsessing about the Corona Virus. I know I know you’re thinking “but I can’t help it!” International travel is ill advised, going to public places is starting to feel risky and in some countries, governments are shutting down basically all operations that involve large gatherings of people. This might mean you are spending a lot more time in isolation. If that is the case, you're in need of some quality gaming content. I assure you that you can get through this, and we’re here with some wonderful games that’ll help! 

Some of these you're going to be familiar with, and some you may write off, but hear us out. These have the power to distract you enough to stop thinking about global pandemics and World War Z type scenarios. So much so that I want to give you some advice before you get into these games:

  •  Stay hydrated
  •  Remember to eat
  •  Keep an eye on the clock so you don’t stay up all night
  •  Set a timer for your important life things so that you don’t miss them. 

For anyone that is starting to hide in their houses there are a couple of things that will help you with those goals!

Skip the Dishes is a great way of limiting your interactions with others. Especially since they have now implemented a drop off only policy meaning that you'll never be in contact with one of their drivers! Use the code below to receive $5 of your first $15! 

Door Dash also offers a deal of $5 off your first 4 meals

Wondering what to do with all your free time? you can learn to cook with a subscription to Chef's PlateGet four free meals and learn how to cook! I can attest that the meals they deliver have been nothing but fantastic for us so far!


With that in mind let’s move onto the list!

#1 Minecraft 

Minecraft corona virus

The first night | Minecraft.com


I know I have touched on this game many times in the past. That’s exactly the reason that I’m putting it up here again! No matter how long I have been playing this game for (since the beta release) - I’m still coming back to it and it still eats up entire days sometimes. Although it may seem childish and simple, it isn’t. The possibilities of what you can build and do are endless especially once you convince a few friends to join you online! There's a reason this is the best selling video game of all time. It kept us entertained in tough times, and taught us all an infamous lesson; punch trees, get wood. 

#2 Stardew Valley

stardew valley corona virus

Fishing and Doomsday Prepping I StarDew Valley


This game is reminiscent of the old Harvest Moon games. As a farmer developing a worn out farm and in turn saving an old town, you always feel the need to play “just one more day” until you find that your whole day in real life is gone too. From herding your cows to picking the best crops for your season this game will keep you planning on what you’ll do in the future. 

There are so many different paths to take in this game that no one can really say what avenue is the best but I will mention two things: 1. Here is a money making guide that will help you build up that bank account quickly and 2. Don’t trust Joja mart (you can do this is you like but if you do, you’re wrong). 

With a wonderful community of players on reddit, you can find guides and assistance to any questions you may have about the game. As well as insight into a lot of the neat things that you can do!

#3 Cities Skylines 

Cities Skylines Trailer | Paradox Interactive Youtube


This game is extremely similar to Sim City but might be even more detailed. I haven’t started playing it myself for fear of losing the little bit of free time that I have left. My partner does play the game and, no jokes, forgets to eat sometimes. There has been times where they stay up until 4 am, all well knowing there is an important day coming up, but simply just can’t stop. The only hang up with this one might be a rather steep learning curve at the beginning. 

I almost gave up playing but I’m really happy I didn’t.” Brittany, Virtual City Planner.

So if you’re looking for something to take your mind off pandemics, and direct it to something else, this game will for sure do it. Even though I am not the one playing, I still find myself obsessing about how the roads could be better organized to decrease traffic while I’m laying in bed...

#4 RuneScape

runescape 2020



Runescape has been around for many years (around 20 now). It's recognized in the Guinness World Records as the most popular free MMORPG of all time. While it’s graphics may not be able to compete with some of the modern games out there, that’s something that you will very quickly overcome. The possibilities are nearly endless in this game, with new content and updates constantly added. First off, there isn't a restrictive class system dictating what you are/can do which means that you can freely develop your character skills and your own play-style as you progress. Change and grow at your own pace in the way you want. Join with clans or try to get through on your own! Best of all, it's free to play! You can start here.



#5 Dungeons and Dragons

dungeons and dragons

The Sky is the Limit when you are playing D&D | D&D.com


If you’re looking for something a little more communal this might be the way for you to go. If you haven't played, undoubtedly you are picturing 4 geeky kids in a basement yelling about re-rolls. And you wouldn't be totally incorrect. But hear me when I say that this is more than a game, it's all your imagination is capable of, packaged in a framework that is familiar and fun for anyone who's played a half decent RPG game in their time. I used to run a session every other week and it was a fantastic adventure to play every time. There is a lot of work that goes into planning each weeks adventure but if you’re up to learning how to play the game and spending a couple of hours each week planning an adventure, it easily has the potential to distract you forever... perhaps more than you were even hoping! Learn more here!


#6 Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning 

kingdoms of amalur reckoning

Fate Sealed Door


Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is an action RPG set in the fantasy world of Amalur, specifically, in the kingdom of the Faelands. These lands are lush and exotic, brimming with bright color and teaming with all sorts of strange magical life. The Faelands are home to the Fae people, an all but immortal race who live out cyclical reincarnations of their ancestors. In these lifetimes, they hope to relive and thus retell the accomplishments, conquests, battles and adventures of their predecessors, which they refer to as; Songs. It's a seriously underrated title and full of rich content, read our full review here!


#7 Mindustry



Mindustry is a game by Anuke so I’ll let them explain it first:

“Mindustry is a hybrid tower-defense sandbox factory game. Create elaborate supply chains of converyor belts to feed ammo into your turrets, produce materials to use for building, and defend your structures from waves of enemies. Features include a map editor, 24 built-in maps, cross-platform multiplayer and large-scale PvP unit battles.” - anuke

Follow this link to find the official site for Mindustry as well as a “Name your own price” option for the game. But first, read our full review!


There you have it folks. Stay safe, stay busy. We hope this helps. 


For anyone that is starting to hide in their houses there are a couple of things that will help you with those goals!

Skip the dishes is a great way of limiting your interactions with others. Especially since they have now implemented a drop off only policy meaning that you'll never be in contact with one of their drivers! Use the code below to receive $5 of your first $15! 

Wondering what to do with all your free time? you can learn to cook with a subscription to Chef's Plate! Get four free meals and learn how to cook! I can attest that the meals they deliver have been nothing but fantastic for us so far!

Keep safe everyone!

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