Anticipated Games of 2020 Part 2

February 16, 2020

5 anticipated games of 2020

Crusader Kings 3

The latest instalment in Paradox Development Studio's role playing grand strategy game. Starting in the middle ages, your goal is to build up your Dynasty in whatever way you can. With a whole whack of new features being added into the game, you're given tons of options to "persuade" others.

Crusader Kings 3 honestly looks like a very complicated strategy game requiring you to likely do multiple play-throughs before having a full understanding of it. From my minute understanding it seems similar to the civilization series with a lot more focus on individual characters instead of your country as a whole. 
If you haven't already I would suggest looking into the game (or previous iterations before the release of #3). It'll likely be a "love it or hate it" type of game. We'll keep you updated on this one after it's release.


 Crusader Kings 3 Trailer | Paradox Interactive,



Doom Eternal

The sequel to 2016's "Doom" will be hitting shelves at the end of March. 
Two years after the events of "Doom" the earth has been overrun by demonic forces. Help reclaim the planet from the forces of hell as the ancient Warrior known as Doom Slayer. This first person shooter continues with a "push forward" style combat to persuade players to aggressively engage in order to get the health, ammo and armor they need to progress. If this high action sequel is anything like it's predecessors you'll find yourself in the edge of your seat the whole time!


Doom Eternal Trailer | Bethesda Youtube




Have you ever thought to yourself “I could have made this game” or even “I wish I knew how to make games” Well Sony has heard you. Dreams is a platform for gamers and game developers alike. With easy to understand tools you’ll be able to bring those ideas you have to life. Create games that not only you and your friends can play but upload them onto the dreams network and let the world test your creation! Feeling adventurous, bored or even looking for inspiration? Take the time to see what others have created for you to play as well! 

Aptly being released on Valentine's day since it’s going to be tough for you not to fall in love with your Dreams.

 Dreams Trailer | Playstation,



Dying Light 2

The much anticipated sequel to “Dying Light” comes, Dying Light 2! 15 years after the original you will be playing a new protagonist named Aiden Caldwell. Much like the original you will be able to run, climb, slide, wall run and execute various other parkour skills with a whole new set being added to your abilities (You can also use the undead to break your falls now). With each choice you make creating consequences, good and bad, for your character. What kind of world will you create?

 Dying Light 2 Trailer | Dying Light,



Final Fantasy 7 Remake

I considered not even posting this as I’m sure most people who have played the game are extremely aware of the upcoming re-release! With much more than updated graphics, the game that solidified itself as a classic over 20 years ago will surely again capture the excitement of millions of fans around the world. So whether you’re a hardcore fan of the series or you’ve only heard the name in passing, this is going to be a JRPG (Japanese Role Playing Game) the you will not want to miss.

 Final Fantasy 7 E3 Trailer | Playstation,


Incase you're interested in seeing some actual gameplay we've got that for you here as well. 


 Final Fantasy 7 remake gameplay | Playstation,




 Five Anticipated Games of 2020:

  • Crusader Kings 3
  • Doom Eternal
  • Dreams
  • Dying Light
  • Final Fantasy 7 re-release

If any of those titles grab your attention scroll up to read more about them. 

These games look like they will be amazing and take up a lot of your time. Remember to check back in to see what we thought of them as well.  

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February 24, 2020

What about Minecraft 2?

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