Skyrim Throwback

elder scrolls skyrim nintendo switch review

I’ll preface this with the knowledge that almost everyone knows of Skyrim and many have played it already. Although the game came out 9 years ago it still has a lot of playability today. Whether you’re just trying to find areas that you’ve never explored or creating a whole new build opposite or what you […]

Sine Mora

sine mora cover photo

So I know that this is not a new game by any means but it is the first time I have played it. I borrowed it from a friend since I have looked at it every time that I see it in the store. I’m making this write up a quick blip because this game […]

Shovel Knight

shovel knight gameplay

This quirky throwback to old style gaming got me hooked pretty quickly. Although the game is fairly straightforward I found myself wanting to continue attempting to get further and further even though I have a bunch of games that I need to be getting to at the same time. I don’t know how far I […]

Pikmin 3 for the Switch

pikmin 3 deluxe for nintendo switch

I bet there is a number of you out there who are going “Finally a third Pikmin!” Well sorry to burst your bubble but the game has actually been out for a long while. Being originally released on the Wii U 7 years ago. The reason you might not have heard of it isn’t because […]